Dofu Review (Black Soy Ice Cream) – Twice the dessert, twice the fun!

When I’m not longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg.

-Snoop Dogg

With an annual average temperature in the tune of 26-27 degree Celsius and even more sometimes, it’s no wonder ice cream and other frozen desserts are much coveted here in sunny Singapore. From classic stalwarts like Swensen’s and Häagen-Dazs, to heartland favourites like Wall’s Cornetto Cone or King’s Paddle Pop, and even the newcomers like llao llao, Udders, and many other small cafes; the list is seemingly endless! It seems nothing out of the ordinary that another ice cream store joins the fray right?

Dofu Black Soy Ice Cream

dofu ice cream

Dofu is a pretty new entry into the dessert market, just opening August 2016. Tucked away in the temporary Yishun Bus Interchange, you may need a little bit of eye-power to spot it when you arrive. At first look, you will wonder what sort of concoction is being served. I mean, grey ice cream?!

dofu ice cream

Turns out the grey colour of the ice-cream comes from the bamboo charcoal added into the mixture. It has many claims of health benefits such as improved blood circulation and improving metabolism, with some studies showing that a diet including activated charcoal (i.e. what bamboo charcoal is essentially) reduced LDL (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) and improving HDL (the ‘good’ cholesterol) levels in the blood.

Dofu also prizes its ice cream as no added fats, no artificial colouring and flavouring. It also naturally contains (from the soy beans) alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acid essential for normal human growth and development, and is suggested to promote cardiovascular health.

Vegans rejoice, for their ice cream and pudding does not contain gelatin and is vegan-friendly!

027_5670x4508_all-free-download-comSo what do you get in a cup? The beancurd pudding (also grey) is filled at the bottom, followed by soft-serve ice cream made from premium dehulled Non-GMO soya beans. There are three ‘sizes’ available, which actually only varies in the number of toppings you get; from the more conventional chocolate products and other sauces to their signature flavoured ‘popping balls’, which burst into flavours when you chew on it. For the uber health buffs there are also granola and nut toppings, as well as fresh fruit bits.

Can’t make up your mind? Then you can try out any 6 of their ‘Dofu Creations‘ crafted for maximum pleasure!

dofu ice creamdofu ice cream

For my creation, it has chocolate flakes, and mango-flavoured popping balls. The ice cream itself does not taste overly sweet and mixes well into the toppings’ flavours. So in my opinion it’s important that you have your favourite toppings on it!

Right now, they also have a promotion where you can choose to purchase a pre-paid loyalty card for $12, and they will give you additional $5 value! On top of that you get a FREE ice cream upon purchase of the card! Such dofu, much ice cream, so wow!

The Verdictdofu ice cream

A store smack in the middle of a temporary bus interchange, it takes a little bit of footwork to locate.

Ice cream is smooth and well-made with plenty of toppings to choose from. I probably should have picked more fruity and nutty options though.

Prices start at $4.90 for just 2 toppings to $6.90 for a whopping 7 toppings. With big servings, it’s not your paddle pop pricing but definitely a good bang for the buck!

If you’re in Yishun, heck even if you live in the east like me (#eastsidebestside), come check it out!

More Information

20A Yishun Central
Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange
Singapore 768830
Open from 11:00am to 8:30pm daily.
Facebook Page:

Dofu’s ice cream and chilled pudding are labelled as vegan.

Author’s note: When you enter the bus interchange from Northpoint’s direction, turn right and walk along the path until you see Dofu’s store!


Dofu has kindly given me a limited edition membership card with $17 ($12 + $5 free) value stored in it, together with some coupons. I have decided to pass this on as a giveaway on my facebook page. Read the post below and find out how to win yourself some free black soy ice cream!

Contest starts on 16 Nov 2016 12:00pm (Wednesday) and closes on 20 Nov 2016 11:59pm (Sunday). Open to residents of Singapore only.

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