Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food (Roti Prata) Review – Have a Prata Time!

Roti Prata is, admittedly, a guilty pleasure of mine as a Singaporean. In fact, this dish is so entrenched into our food culture that we become defensive when being told otherwise what is “Singaporean food”. It transcends ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries as well; public figures have also been known to host distinguished foreign guests with these staple foods to impress on them not to mess with us when it comes to food.

Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food

Started more than 35 years ago right in Maxwell Food Centre (then called Maxwell Road Hawker Centre), Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food dutifully dishes out stacks (yes!) after stacks of roti prata even before first light comes, as the early birds of office workers queue up to fuel up for the day ahead.

Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food Roti PrataHajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food Roti Prata

Likewise, nothing much really beats a fluffy double-egg prata in the morning, with some tangy curry at the side, and a cup of teh tarik to wash it down after. Mr Kumar, the owner affectionately known just as ‘uncle’ by just about everyone, remembers his regulars so well that all it takes is just a mutual nod to get the order taken! After pledging my first child patronising them for close to 5 years now, sometimes ‘uncle’ does the flipping and folding personally just for me, something pretty rare as his head cook does most of the work *Aww*

Apart from roti prata, they also sell some really good bryani (not pictured) in the afternoon, but for them it also means that they stop the roti prata orders until late night so that they are not overwhelmed by demand.

Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food Roti Prata Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food Roti Prata


It’s a hawker stall in a popular food centre; so the vibe isn’t that strong of what you will expect.

With my double egg prata at $2 being near the top of the prices, it’s sure affordable!

I can attest that although there’s no prominent blog review (I tried) to recommend this, it’s definitely a delightful experience (come on, it’s prata leh) even if you don’t eat the roti prata here.

Bored of your tasteless sandwiches from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, or just done with clubbing nearby at Neil Road? Come get your prata fix right in the heart of the CBD!

More Information

Hajmeer Kwaja Muslim Food (Halal)
1 Kadayanallur Street
#01-103 Maxwell Food Centre
Singapore 069184
Opens 24/7, but roti prata is not available in the later morning till night.
p.s. It’s the corner-most stall nearest to the zebra crossing along the street

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