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Mum’s Recipe Nonya Laksa Review – Mother 最棒! (Mum’s the Best) #hitwTaiSeng

Update: Mum’s Recipe Nonya Laksa is back open! At their original location, but newly renovated! < This post will be the first of a new series of my new workplace #hitwTaiSeng. Just a mention about laksa to just about anyone in Singapore will stir up a heated discussion (pun intended) […]

Mums Recipe Nonya Laksa

Two Men Bagel House Review – Sin It, Don’t Bin It!

A Bagel is a Doughnut with the sin removed – Anon. Random fact: contrary to some beliefs, the bagel was not created in the shape of a stirrup to commemorate the victory of Poland’s King John III Sobieski over the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. It is […]

Two Men Bagel House