Growler’s Craft Beer & Bistro Grand Opening – Till Death Do Us Party!

I’ll have another beer, I’m not driving – Father Theodore, Trappist Monk

Craft beer in Singapore is still a pretty new scene, so while there are quite a few bars in the Central Business District, it’s quite uncommon to have one beyond the city boundaries. So when I heard of one in the Macpherson/Potong Pasir area, I knew I had to go there one day.

My memory of Tai Thong Crescent is pretty fuzzy as it has been really long since I’ve really gone there. ever since the old Jackson Center with its delicious ngo hiang (that has moved to an adjacent coffeeshop) was torn down. So to arrive there to see the iconic jagged edge facade replaced with swanky new condominium blocks was kind of melancholic. Not to mention it was still drizzling when I was there.

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Growler’s Craft Beer & Bistro

Opened just a few months back in February 2017, the bar’s concept is eponymous: apart from taking a (cold) pint at the bar after work, you get to buy a full growler (basically a big glass/metal beer bottle; usually 1-2 litres but this one here is 2 litres) worth of golden goodness home if you want to. So just a couple weekends ago they just had their grand opening, and boy was it a blast! Placed along row of shophouse units across where Jackson Centre used to be, it’s a minutes stroll from Potong Pasir. Don’t bother driving here because of 1) lack of parking and 2) don’t drink and drive (important!!!)

I didn’t get to try their regular menu when I arrived as only bar bites (free throughout!) were available (only to be opened later into the night but I was already so stuffed). I did however get enough of beer to make my trip worthwhile though. In between platefuls of sweet potato fries and chicken wings (rather good!), a beer on a rainy evening doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. Speaking which, they have a curation of beers on tap and in bottles; currently they serve beers from local brewery Circa 7 on tap, and I do recall they switch it up now and then. So check their Facebook page for updates! In the meantime, enjoy ice-cold favourites like the Working People’s Golden IPA and Pursuit of Hoppiness IPA; or if you’re not into heavy beers, the Bohemian Pilsner. Definitely refreshing and suitable for Singapore’s warm humid climate!

We did manage to order the salted egg yolk chicken burger at the end for a hungry latecomer and yes as seen on the photos, it’s pretty big and filling, yum!

Special mention: sick jell-o shots bruh!

More Information

Growlers Craft Beer & Bistro
37 Tai Thong Crescent
Singapore 347862
Reservations: 83539572
Opening Hours: 11:30am to 11.00pm (12:00am on Fri/Sat)

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