Picture this: you are enjoying a pint of your favourite beer after work, and like any beer lover you get the munchies 10 minutes into it. You’d wish for some light bites, but when you’re drinking craft beer at Smith Street Taps or The Good Beer Company (stories for another time!) in Chinatown Complex, it’s not easy getting something that isn’t too filling. Especially if you’re going to get dinner with the missus later!

Rudy’s Snack Bar

Open only in the evenings when the beer monster comes out to play, Rudy’s Snack Bar sets up shop just round the corner from where a handful of craft beer stalls are, all in a quiet corner of the Chinatown Complex Food Centre. Started just in November 2016, it serves an eclectic range of (well you guessed it) snacks that are both wallet-friendly and tasty!

Rudy's Snack BarRudy's Snack Bar Rudy's Snack Bar Rudy's Snack Bar

Apart from the more common fries and chicken wings/drumlets on the menu, they also serve some really addictive chewy fish crackers, which is actually based off the traditional malay fish cracker snack called Keropok Lekor. This variation is unlike the ones you usually find in pasar malams in Singapore and Malaysia as it is not crunchy, but instead has a fluffy texture. Served with a sweet and spicy chili dip, it’s a perfect pairing while you guzzle down pints of India Pale Ales (IPAs) on a humid evening!

Rudy's Snack Bar

One thing I didn’t get to try though, is their traditional nasi lemak. Wrapped in the ol’ school “bungkus” style goodness, it is only available on Thursdays (I passed by on a Tuesday. Check out their Instagram page for updates). I’ll be back, as there are plenty more snacks such as spring rolls, fried wanton dumplings and many others to try!

The Verdict

You wouldn’t expect such a snack stall to be in a hawker food centre, and it’s pretty much tucked in a corner of the place, which gives it this score.

A slight premium for a mix of difference commonness, but being situated within reach of the few craft beer stalls, it’s worth the convenience.

Food is served freshly cooked and piping hot, with generous dressings (for the cheese fries). The owner shared with me that their chewy fish crackers are also freshly prepared as they are quite popular amongst the regulars.

Never ever shy away from decently priced beer bites when you see it. Period.

More Information

Rudy’s Snack Bar
Blk 335 Smith Street
#02-066 Green Zone
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
Singapore 050335
Opens Tuesdays to Saturdays, 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Facebook | Instagram

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