September 2017


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C is for Communal

Over the last week I was invited to a media event at OUE Downtown Gallery’s newly launched concept, the OUE Social Kitchen. Opened to the public since 18 September 2017, it is situated at the third storey of the complex (which is really actually a really long building btw), and where you can be part of Singapore’s first communal cooking experience! Inspired by how food is a very universal language we connect with, OUE Social Kitchen is designed as a “co-cooking” (think co-working but with stoves and dining rooms) so that you can comfortably cook and enjoy your own cooking with your friends and family, or even the strangers-who-are-actually-friends-you-haven’t-yet-met at the next station!

The 4000 square foot kitchen space has six standard stations, and two more that’s partitioned at the back that are halal-friendly! There’s also a very spacious dining area, and also two VIP rooms where you can bring your finest guests to enjoy the experience as well (or hold cooking classes! Chef not included, but feel free to ask the staff for any special arrangements)!

C is for Cooking

When we arrived there were already kitchen stations prepped with fresh ingredients where we could have a shot at being the next MasterChef. With a random draw, we picked the salmon en papillote (salmon in parchment) recipe and off we go! It wasn’t too bad in the end, and we got to trade dishes with fellow cooks too! The kitchen’s pretty professional, and is armed to the teeth with the full range of kitchen appliances from Smeg, such as state-of-the-art gas and induction hobs, ovens, microwave, fridge, wine chiller and coffee maker. Small appliances, baking essentials, cookware, crockery and cutlery will also be provided by OUE Social Kitchen. There’s also a wide range of condiments and seasonings at your disposal!

Don’t worry if you are not that great a cook or don’t know how to operate the appliances; there is an in-house chef (was kindly introduced to Chef Andy) and staff at the ready to provide assistance, some cooking tips, and more importantly when you’re done cooking, clean-up services (yay, no dishes)! Thereafter you can enjoy your food at the dining area as long as you like without worrying about anything other than who’s getting the last piece of chicken!

Apart from a delectable range of treats like tacos, DIY waffles and Vietnamese rice rolls, we were also treated to a quick in-house kitchen demo making tuna cakes at one of the VIP rooms. Featuring a high-tech cooking station, you can also interact with your important guests and impress them with some Michelin star-worthy cooking!

C is for Cheap

You may think that such an atas setting like this will burn a really big hole in your pocket/purse right? Actually they’re pretty affordable, with the standard kitchen station started at S$48/hr for up to four persons (that works out to $12 per person) and the VIP room from S$108/hr, subject to 7% GST. They say you can hold corporate and private events here as well, up to 200 people! Now that’s a real community!

Oh, before I forget, you can bring whatever ingredients you like (but please don’t try to make pot brownies here, this is still Singapore)! Or if you don’t want to or don’t have the time to go to the nearest supermarket (which is quite a walk away) you can purchase pre-packed ingredients with the OUE Downtown Gallery App (available on App Store and Google Play) or over the counter, with advance notice.

More Information

OUE Social Kitchen
6A Shenton Way
Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068815
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Tel: 6224 0355

Facebook| Instagram|Website


Fancy yourself impressing your friends and family with your culinary prowess, but not having the space to do it at home? Or maybe you want a new idea for the weekends with your girlfriends? We’ve got TWO sets of vouchers worth $50 (valid till 19 Nov 2017) that you can use at OUE Social Kitchen up for grabs! To participate, you can either:

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Winners will be picked at random from both posts and announced on social media. Contest ends 8 October 2017 (Sun) 11:59pm (2359h)!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry. You can use the promo code “OUESK141” for a $10 off your booking. Simply use the Downtown Gallery app, navigate to OUE Social Kitchen, and make a booking with the promo code by 31 Oct 2017.

Best of luck!

This post has been kindly brought to you by OUE Social Kitchen.

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The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes – Mark Nepo

Hustlin’ with Sunday Posies (@sundayposies)

Having a job these days, is never a bad idea. Having a job you love? Even better! However it’s not something that you can snap your fingers and a genie appears magically to grant you that wish. So having a side hustle or hobby does help keep your sanity in check amidst the bustle of the day job.

Sunday Posies (@sundayposies) was the brainchild of @gigglemenot (as she prefers) as she #somekindofeatpraylove for a while, away from a hectic job. Strolling among the florists in markets of Melbourne, she found therapy in floral arrangements and decided to make some money at the same time. Check out her social media profiles (Facebook & Instagram) and if you need a bespoke florist with some pretty good vision and skillz, you know who to look for!

Loyal elf assistant Jeslyn (L) with the talent behind Sunday Posies, @gigglemenot (R)

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Wheeler’s Estate

From the people that brought you one of Singapore’s top 10 Instagram-ed cafe (Wheeler’s Yard), is another to-be highly Instagram-ed cafe with the name updated to specify a bigger space (estate). It’s so big, that it’s classified into 6 7 different sections: Restaurant, Alfresco, Bar, Events, Entertainment, Picnic and Cycling! Can’t buy bicycles here though, so I guess this is their side hustle in a way?

Situated in what used to be part of Selatar Airbase, Wheeler’s Estate is part of the wave of rejuvenation of the area now known as Seletar Aerospace Park. Traverse down the relatively ulu road and you’ll be greeted by one highly Instagram-ed icon; the silver caravan/camper van endearingly named “Bambi”:

Facing a modestly-sized but lush green field, it’s one of those fewer places where you can fit right in, whether you’re there on a date, a family Sunday brunch, or a high school reunion. Or you really just want to escape the F1 buzz in town for the weekend. There’s even the playground nearby at The Oval (that is well, literally an oval-shaped street) where you can bring your kids, or act like one (don’t we all?).The seating space is also generously spacious, although if you really look at it there’s not that many sheltered options available at the first floor. There are however several long benches for big groups and a indoor dining hall at the second level, which has a stairwell, and a corridor that is also (another) highly Instagram-ed spot.
Wheelers Estate Wheelers Estate

Wheeler’s Estate serves up some casual Australian cuisine good ol’ alfresco style (of course you may choose the comfort of the air-conditioned veranda but it gets echo-ey. There seems to be a rotating menu so you may not get the same food every time you come here. When we were there, we had a very unique twist of the Philadelphia Steak (philly steak) where instead of it being in a sandwich, it was a marinated beef steak on a tortilla wrap and garnished with chili and caramelised onion. Very different from tradition, but without compromising on taste and complexity!

Other usual favourites that we were recommended were the fish and chips, and the chicken cordon bleu that was served in a similar deconstructed fashion. Seems like these guys don’t just take apart bicycles!

When the sun goes down at Wheeler’s, things are different too. Under the dim fairy lights and slightly blaring live music, the weather also becomes more tolerable as the alfresco seating becomes more filled with people who want to revel but also prefer the chill vibes. You can also take a stroll in the park which is adjacent to Seletar Airport’s airstrip, and get some *ahem* quiet time if you need.


Rather challenging to get to unless you drive or take a taxi, it’s definitely out of the way by Singaporean standards.

It is quite expensive at the average range of $30-40 per head including drinks but not dessert, and portions were not THAT bad either.

While expensive, they do try to be innovative with their menu and presentation. At least the food is fresh!

My only gripe was that despite having an army of part timer youngsters I felt pretty neglected during my visit there. For example we wanted some cutlery and water, and were told by no less than 3 different servers that they’ll get it for us, but conveniently forgotten after (I wanted to get it myself in the first place, had to do it anyway). I guess some organisation will help, which is evident in some of their ratings on social media as well. It’ll be a waste if disorganised service spoilt an otherwise nice ambience and honest, casual cuisine!

More Information

Sunday Posies
Enquire more on bespoke floral services
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Wheeler’s Estate
2 Park Lane
Seletar Aerospace Park
Singapore 798386
Reservations:  6262 0001 (recommended if you’re going on a weekend)
Facebook | Instagram

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