It’s 3 more days to Chinese New Year. 2 more days to Chinese New Year eve.

Haven’t managed to find somewhere nice to have your reunion dinner yet?

Amara Singapore Chinese New Year Feast

Enjoy a fortuitous feast by Amara Singapore’s team of dedicated Chinese chefs, all ready to serve you dishes symbolic of prosperity, fortune and happiness to your family and relatives. 欢庆福满人间!

On the 15 February 2018 from 6pm at the Grand Ballroom, the one-time reunion dinner is opened to all guests celebrating this Lunar New Year’s 2018 Earth Dog. Guests can look forward to the tossing of salmon yu sheng (鱼生), where the ingredients are exquisitely arranged in the shape of a dog.

Dinner commences with a delectable selection of affordable 8-course menus, such as the Golden Prosperity or Joyous Abundance sets at S$68 to S$88++ per person respectively (with a minimum of six persons per table). If you prefer a private dining experience with your family ,you can take up the Imperial Fortune reunion package at S$1,888++ for a table of 10 persons. Each room comes with a fully equipped family karaoke system. For this package, the menu includes delicacies like sea urchin, black chicken ginseng soup and cod fish. To mark the customary occasion, everyone will get to enjoy a special rendition of the Chinese festive dessert – Pomelo Tangyuan, a unique tangy glutinous rice ball sprinkled in edible gold leaves.

Some of the favourites in the selection spans from the traditional Drunken Chicken, Roasted Chicken with Spicy Sichuan Sauce, to more modern cuisine like Beef Bourguignon, Chilled Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle Oil and Kombu, Homemade Beetroot Salmon, and to top it off, Amara Singapore’s very own Vegetarian Treasure Pot (Pen Cai; 盆菜).

Highlights of evening will include a lion dance performance where the rambunctious lions will perform “Cai Qing” (采青 – the plucking of the greens), and you (and/or the kids) can get wefies with the adorable God of Fortune mascots distributing gold ingots of chocolates!

Cempedak Delights

During the media event we were also treated to a surprise festive addition to Amara Singapore’s menu: the Cempedak collection. A (personally tasting) “breadier” and less pungent cousin of the jackfruit, the hotel now serves an array of desserts themed to the fibrous fruit:

  • Chempedak Cake
  • Chempedak Crème Brulee
  • Chempedak Swiss Roll
  • Chempedak Agar Agar
  • Chempedak Pudding
  • Chempedak Butter Cake

Out of all, I like the Crème Brulee and Swiss Roll the most. Get yours at their cafe and restaurants and try it for yourself, trust me.

More Information

Amara Singapore

165 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088539


Get your reservations ONLINE HERE. Seats would be filling up fast so don’t procrastinate anymore!

Stand to win one of the 8 lucky draw prizes at the CNY reunion dinner on 15 Feb!

Alternatively, call: +65 6879 2598 or email: events@amarahotels.com

Chinese New Year Happenings

CNY Goodies Booth

15 January – 15 February 2018, 11am– 8pm, daily

100AM mall, atrium

*Refer to CNY Goodies Order Form

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

15 February 2018, 6pm

Grand Ballroom, level 3

CNY F&B Promotions (1 Feb – 2 Mar 2018)

Element, and Element on Tras Street- Buffet

Buffet Time Adult* Child*

(6 -12 years)

Reunion Dinner 15 Feb 2018, Thu

6pm – 10.30pm

$88 $43
Lunch Mon – Fri

12pm – 2.30pm

$58 $29
Dinner Mon – Sun

6pm – 10.30pm

$78 $39
Hi-tea Sat – Sun

11.30 am – 2pm

2.30pm – 5pm

$42 $21

Silk Road

Set menus with choices from S$108* per person, minimum 2 persons to dine, S$368* for 4 persons and above, S$838* or $968* for 10 persons.

*All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars and subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes.

For dining reservations and enquiries:

call: +65 6879 2610

email: fnb.sg@amarahotels.com

Cake Avenue Bistro

Cake Avenue to many, is probably synonymous to its bespoke cake designs, such as the unicorn cakes and designer cupcakes; basically any elaborate design you want on/of a cake, they will be able to do their magic. Recently, they have expanded their operations from their cosy store along Lorong Kilat (near Beauty World MRT station) to also include a full-service bistro with American and Italian cuisine.

Cake Avenue Christmas Menu

I was invited to sample their 2017 Christmas menu just last week, which will be available from 25 November (today) all the way till Christmas! In true Cake Avenue bespoke confectionery fashion, Chef ET has come up with a range of Christmas-themed desserts, from the conventional Yule Log, macarons and cookies, to the adorable entremets and a signature reindeer cake. They have also created a menu of savoury dishes which include braised lamb shank, chicken lasagna, and a selection of canapés.

Diner Dessert Menu

We also were treated to a new addition in their menu, to introduce their bistro to customers: the Diner Dessert series. At first glance, they look like your normal run-of-the-mill western diner food, such as burger and fries, nacho chips, alphabet tomato soup, and meatballs. But on closer inspection, they’re actually creatively designed with cakes, ice cream and the likes. For example, the “Diner slider and fries” were actually dark chocolate ice cream ‘patties’ sandwiched between vanilla butter cake ‘buns’ and topped with raspberry ‘ketchup’ and passionfruit ‘mustard’, served with warm cake ‘fries’. Such deceptive, so confuse. Nevertheless they were delightful to take pictures and enjoy after!

Sweet Deals!

From now till Christmas, Cake Avenue’s Christmas menu will be available for dine-in and takeaway in a few value-for-money festive packages! They’re pretty good for a small to medium gathering such as your office parties or pot lucks at your BFF’s place. Do give at least 3 days notice if you would like to order these special menu items though. Check the whole list out here and call/message/email them to make your order early!

More Information

Cake Avenue
33 Lorong Kilat
Kilat Centre
Singapore 598132
Email: sales@cakeavenue.com
Phone: 6877 9008 or  9666 2022 (Whatsapp)
Operation hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 8.30pm
Closed on Mondays
Facebook | Instagram | Website
They are Halal-certified!

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The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes – Mark Nepo

Hustlin’ with Sunday Posies (@sundayposies)

Having a job these days, is never a bad idea. Having a job you love? Even better! However it’s not something that you can snap your fingers and a genie appears magically to grant you that wish. So having a side hustle or hobby does help keep your sanity in check amidst the bustle of the day job.

Sunday Posies (@sundayposies) was the brainchild of @gigglemenot (as she prefers) as she #somekindofeatpraylove for a while, away from a hectic job. Strolling among the florists in markets of Melbourne, she found therapy in floral arrangements and decided to make some money at the same time. Check out her social media profiles (Facebook & Instagram) and if you need a bespoke florist with some pretty good vision and skillz, you know who to look for!

Loyal elf assistant Jeslyn (L) with the talent behind Sunday Posies, @gigglemenot (R)

A post shared by Sunday Posies (@sundayposies) on

Wheeler’s Estate

From the people that brought you one of Singapore’s top 10 Instagram-ed cafe (Wheeler’s Yard), is another to-be highly Instagram-ed cafe with the name updated to specify a bigger space (estate). It’s so big, that it’s classified into 6 7 different sections: Restaurant, Alfresco, Bar, Events, Entertainment, Picnic and Cycling! Can’t buy bicycles here though, so I guess this is their side hustle in a way?

Situated in what used to be part of Selatar Airbase, Wheeler’s Estate is part of the wave of rejuvenation of the area now known as Seletar Aerospace Park. Traverse down the relatively ulu road and you’ll be greeted by one highly Instagram-ed icon; the silver caravan/camper van endearingly named “Bambi”:

Facing a modestly-sized but lush green field, it’s one of those fewer places where you can fit right in, whether you’re there on a date, a family Sunday brunch, or a high school reunion. Or you really just want to escape the F1 buzz in town for the weekend. There’s even the playground nearby at The Oval (that is well, literally an oval-shaped street) where you can bring your kids, or act like one (don’t we all?).The seating space is also generously spacious, although if you really look at it there’s not that many sheltered options available at the first floor. There are however several long benches for big groups and a indoor dining hall at the second level, which has a stairwell, and a corridor that is also (another) highly Instagram-ed spot.
Wheelers Estate Wheelers Estate

Wheeler’s Estate serves up some casual Australian cuisine good ol’ alfresco style (of course you may choose the comfort of the air-conditioned veranda but it gets echo-ey. There seems to be a rotating menu so you may not get the same food every time you come here. When we were there, we had a very unique twist of the Philadelphia Steak (philly steak) where instead of it being in a sandwich, it was a marinated beef steak on a tortilla wrap and garnished with chili and caramelised onion. Very different from tradition, but without compromising on taste and complexity!

Other usual favourites that we were recommended were the fish and chips, and the chicken cordon bleu that was served in a similar deconstructed fashion. Seems like these guys don’t just take apart bicycles!

When the sun goes down at Wheeler’s, things are different too. Under the dim fairy lights and slightly blaring live music, the weather also becomes more tolerable as the alfresco seating becomes more filled with people who want to revel but also prefer the chill vibes. You can also take a stroll in the park which is adjacent to Seletar Airport’s airstrip, and get some *ahem* quiet time if you need.


Rather challenging to get to unless you drive or take a taxi, it’s definitely out of the way by Singaporean standards.

It is quite expensive at the average range of $30-40 per head including drinks but not dessert, and portions were not THAT bad either.

While expensive, they do try to be innovative with their menu and presentation. At least the food is fresh!

My only gripe was that despite having an army of part timer youngsters I felt pretty neglected during my visit there. For example we wanted some cutlery and water, and were told by no less than 3 different servers that they’ll get it for us, but conveniently forgotten after (I wanted to get it myself in the first place, had to do it anyway). I guess some organisation will help, which is evident in some of their ratings on social media as well. It’ll be a waste if disorganised service spoilt an otherwise nice ambience and honest, casual cuisine!

More Information

Sunday Posies
Enquire more on bespoke floral services
Facebook | Instagram

Wheeler’s Estate
2 Park Lane
Seletar Aerospace Park
Singapore 798386
Reservations:  6262 0001 (recommended if you’re going on a weekend)
Facebook | Instagram

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The way you make an omelet reveals your character. – Anthony Bourdain


Liang Court to many *cough* youths of my age used to be associated with the 24hrs MacDonald’s at the first floor (which has since been replaced with a food court instead) that you go to for cheap calories before a night of parties. But relatively unbeknownst to many, there is actually a Japanese enclave with a wide selection of F&B options. From premium nigiri sushi to croquettes and curries, there’s something for everyone and their wallets.

Natalie Wang

Poet. Debate specialist & coach. Makeup artist & beauty blogger. Natalie (@natwangthecat , and @natziwang) keeps herself busy with many activities. You should check out her adventures and short-lived love affairs with cats she encounters! But tonight, she brings me to her favourite spot to recharge with some of her comfort food: omu rice.


A post shared by natziwang (@natziwang) on

Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant

Placed at a cosy corner of the cooked food section of Medi-Ya supermarket, Pecori specialises in, amongst other minor ones, Japanese omelette rice. While many are familiar (thanks to social media) the dramatic service style of Kyoto’s Kichi Kichi, they (Pecori) do it quietly and without much fanfare. Designed like a cutesy countryside cottage, the interior has very limited seating; most customers, including us) sit at the common tables in the area right in front.


With any purchase you get access to the all-you-can-eat salad and soup bar. Perfect for warming your poor soul, but why would you overeat and miss out on the star of the night? (edit: free access is only for dinner; a small top-up is applicable during lunch)




Picture from PecoriSG facebook
No automatic alt text available.
Picture from PecoriSG facebook

The mainstay of Pecori, the Japanese omu rice, is served with a variety of sauces and toppings (e.g. like a huge piece of tonkatsu, which I got). There’s no real favourite here, although the classic thing to order here is the demi-glace sauce with the beef stew. If you’re feeling for something a bit lighter, there’s the mushroom ankake sauce (kind of like a light clear soy sauced-based gravy). Underneath the fluffy omelettes lay an equally fluffy bed of stir-fried rice, and the generous portion will make sure you get your full $12++ worth of comfort! They also have other non-omu rice items on offer… but really?

Usually they also have a selection of dessert(s) to finish of the meal, such as this jiggly piece of Japanese pudding. According to Natalie, if you’re lucky you may even get their elusive chocolate cake!



It is pretty hidden from most mall visitors, but nonetheless it is a shopping mall. Natalie would disagree as virtually none of her friends even know this corner of the mall existed.

Japanese food have always commanded a premium here. With prices starting from about $12, it is indeed quite dear. But in exchange you will get quality and freshness where it matters.

Portions are big and ingredients clearly look and taste fresh. Mmm those eggs…

Fancy some eggs, monsieur? Maybe come here before a long night ahead at Clarke Quay next time!

More Information

Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant
177 River Valley Road
Liang Court
Singapore 179030
(Go down the ramp escalator to basement 1, and walk towards Medi-Ya supermarket and all the way across the cashier rows, not into the supermarket)
Tel: 8277 0959 (but you don’t really need it, they are open rain or shine)
Opening Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm daily
Facebook Page

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“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

Burgers. Originally just served as a meat patty in Germany (Hamburg, hence the name to hamburger and then burger), the modern burger was debatably developed by a few different sources in early USA history, but one thing in common was the mobility and ease of mass production it brought. Especially to a fast-paced metropolis like the big apple: New York City (cue nasal voice), the land of opportunity.

Jolie Hwee

When not learning how to scalp (literally, guys) people on surgical tables, Dr. Jolie turns to looking for new places to dine at. Check out her Instagram!

So when told of a burger joint that’s so obscure it literally doesn’t even have a front display and entrance, she had to come take a look.

Burger Joint Singapore

Of Le Parker Meridien down 56th St, NYC fame, Burger Joint opened their first outlet in Southeast Asia down in the Telok Ayer/Amoy Street area. Why am I being so vague? That’s because instead of a prominent front display, it is actually situated in what could have been a kitchen/pantry/worker’s quarters in the early 20th century. To access it, you would have to go round the back, along Gemill Lane before you spot the ubiquitous neon burger sign plastered next to a inconspicuous door… only to go in and be greeted by a dark corridor lined with curtains, and yet another neon burger sign.

Once you (finally) reach the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with a familiar sight (if you’ve ever been to the one in NYC; I haven’t though): the worn-looking wooden furniture and walls in a dimly lit room. If you come in a group you can try your luck at one of the booth seats, but most are happy at the standing tables or even to chill at the bar, where they serve a decent spread of cold beer and good ol’ American whiskies.

Ordering a burger here isn’t… too many layers of work. You are free to choose whether you want a plain hamburger or load it up with cheese, bacon, jalapeno peppers, or all of the above! For best results, go for ‘the works’ when asked for your vegetables. But of course in a capitalist free world, more will cost you.

The burgers come wrapped in paper bags and perfectly grilled to your liking (medium rare’s great), and piping hot. Now chomp on to that freedom and opportunity all the way from the East coast!

Yes, the burgers are quite expensive. Yes, the servings are not exactly very big. But does it matter? Not really, when you have the freedom of choice. If you like what you’re getting, feel free to scribble your words of praise or greetings on literally any surface you can find (most people choose the walls though) too! Verdict

The only giveaway of any semblance of a restaurant is the neon sign in the door so yes, hole in the wall.

For prices starting at $17 excluding taxes, it is definitely on the steep side when it comes to burgers. You do get quality meat that is grilled to your liking though. BUT I only found out after that they actually are on the entertainer app, so you can bring a friend along, or simply take two burgers!

I give credit that they make it up in quality, that their meat, vegetables and even buns are freshly made (buns are made in-house).

A good concept with no-nonsense and no-frills food, but I probably will only come here once in a while if I were on a budget. I mean, we’re free to choose right?

Wishing all readers from the USofA a happy 4th July!

More Information

Burger Joint Singapore
115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935
(Entrance at back on Gemmill Lane)
Tel: +65 6221 8648
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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“Don’t count the days, make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

Cheong Chin Nam Road is a popular supper place where most would associate with local fare, like Roti Prata, Teochew Porridge or Chicken Rice. There are even Korean BBQ restaurants now! But sitting in plain sight is a steakhouse that’s definitely punching above its own weight.

Stirling Grill

Having been opened for a few years, Stirling Grill dutifully serves up charcoal-grilled meats and delicious desserts in a casual diner setting. The deliberately mismatched furniture and crockery, together with the colourful chalk drawings, emits that cosy ‘at home’ experience that owner Elwyn sets out to give to his customers. There’s both an indoor seated area (with a comfortable couch booth available for a bigger group) and an al-fresco area that screens football matches live sometimes!

A post shared by Stirling Grill (@stirlinggrill) on

What isn’t casual about the place though, is their steaks. Faithfully charcoal grilled, the meats retain more flavour and nutrients all while reducing all that oil and fats. What it results to is juicy, and tastier cuts of goodness! What surprised me was that the sirloin steak burger is in fact an full cut of sirloin, perfectly grilled to your liking, wedged between toasted burger buns! Usually you’d expect a minced beef patty (sometimes dubiously) labelled as Wagyu/Angus Ribeye/Sirloin, but Stirling decided to put their foot down to this disparity.

Thanks to the Entertainer app we managed to get a bigger portion of steak for less, so we didn’t manage to try the other specialties of theirs that are well-raved online: the Crispy King Salmon and stirling sliders, good for a quick bite with a pint from their selection of beer, including Archipelago Beer on tap!

We couldn’t agree more with @teojimmy 😀💯👍 #repost ・・・ Chunky salmon steak with skin pan-seared ’til chips-like crisp yet retaining its juiciness, served on mashed potatoes with creamy dill! . . . #stirlinggrill #stirlingsg #crispykingsalmon #norwegiansalmon #pansearedsalmon #salmonsteak #salmonfillet #mashedpotatoes #creamydill #archipelagobrewery #archipelagobeer #belgianwit #wheatbeer #tagsforlikes #foodgasm #foodphotography #foodporn #sgfoodie #sgfoodunion #sgmakandiary #singaporeeats #sgeats #setheats #burpple #burpplesg #hungrygowhere #whati8today #8dayseat #8dayseatout @stirlinggrill @archipelagobrewery

A post shared by Stirling Grill (@stirlinggrill) on

It’s sliders galore this Easter Sunday! 😁 #charcoalgrill #stirlinggrill #medium rare #juicybeef #igfood #sgfoodie #burrplesg #tops #meatporn #grill #grilling #grillporn #sgrestaurant #beauty world #dtl2 #moo #sgfoodporn #whati8today #sgfoodies #sgfood #buzzfeedfood #eatoutsg #singaporeinsiders #8dayseat

A post shared by Stirling Grill (@stirlinggrill) on

We’re not done yet after the main course! Stirling also serves a good selection of ice cream (yummy) and other desserts also served in-house by their sister brand DessertSplash. Don’t you find that holy union of a belgian waffle, ice cream AND a cone tantalising?


What used to be a relatively remote enclave for the west is now made more convenient with the Downtown Line, but the diner remains quaint amongst the hustle and bustle in the Cheong Chin Nam Road supper scene.

Be prepared for a premium, but the prices here are still affordable for the quality of meat you are served. It helped that we got the Entertainer app too. Best if you go in a small group so that you can try more of their signatures!

Quality without compromise, at least that was what I felt. Good progress in his business will only help motivate the team to do even better!

Looking to wind down without breaking the bank, but still want some good meat and beer at that? Try this place out.

More Information

Stirling Grill (aka Stirling Bar & Grill)

15 Cheong Chin Nam Rd
Singapore 599739
(Nearest MRT: Beauty World)
Reservations: (65) 97882583
Facebook | Instagram

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I’ll have another beer, I’m not driving – Father Theodore, Trappist Monk

Craft beer in Singapore is still a pretty new scene, so while there are quite a few bars in the Central Business District, it’s quite uncommon to have one beyond the city boundaries. So when I heard of one in the Macpherson/Potong Pasir area, I knew I had to go there one day.

My memory of Tai Thong Crescent is pretty fuzzy as it has been really long since I’ve really gone there. ever since the old Jackson Center with its delicious ngo hiang (that has moved to an adjacent coffeeshop) was torn down. So to arrive there to see the iconic jagged edge facade replaced with swanky new condominium blocks was kind of melancholic. Not to mention it was still drizzling when I was there.

Courtesy of streetdirectory.com
Courtesy of myimagesofsingapore.blogspot.sg

Growler’s Craft Beer & Bistro

Opened just a few months back in February 2017, the bar’s concept is eponymous: apart from taking a (cold) pint at the bar after work, you get to buy a full growler (basically a big glass/metal beer bottle; usually 1-2 litres but this one here is 2 litres) worth of golden goodness home if you want to. So just a couple weekends ago they just had their grand opening, and boy was it a blast! Placed along row of shophouse units across where Jackson Centre used to be, it’s a minutes stroll from Potong Pasir. Don’t bother driving here because of 1) lack of parking and 2) don’t drink and drive (important!!!)

I didn’t get to try their regular menu when I arrived as only bar bites (free throughout!) were available (only to be opened later into the night but I was already so stuffed). I did however get enough of beer to make my trip worthwhile though. In between platefuls of sweet potato fries and chicken wings (rather good!), a beer on a rainy evening doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. Speaking which, they have a curation of beers on tap and in bottles; currently they serve beers from local brewery Circa 7 on tap, and I do recall they switch it up now and then. So check their Facebook page for updates! In the meantime, enjoy ice-cold favourites like the Working People’s Golden IPA and Pursuit of Hoppiness IPA; or if you’re not into heavy beers, the Bohemian Pilsner. Definitely refreshing and suitable for Singapore’s warm humid climate!

We did manage to order the salted egg yolk chicken burger at the end for a hungry latecomer and yes as seen on the photos, it’s pretty big and filling, yum!

Special mention: sick jell-o shots bruh!

More Information

Growlers Craft Beer & Bistro
37 Tai Thong Crescent
Singapore 347862
Reservations: 83539572
Opening Hours: 11:30am to 11.00pm (12:00am on Fri/Sat)

A Bagel is a Doughnut with the sin removed – Anon.

Random fact: contrary to some beliefs, the bagel was not created in the shape of a stirrup to commemorate the victory of Poland’s King John III Sobieski over the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. It is however, thought to have appeared at around the same century with it being mentioned as a gift for women in childbirth. Whatever the truth of its origins, the bagel (believed to be derived from the transliteration of the Yiddish ‘beygl’, which came from the Middle High German ‘böugel’ or ring) made its way from western Europe to the North America by means of Polish Jew immigrants, it developed into a totally different food culture with the round staple in New York (read: Bagel Brunch in New York).

Two Men Bagel House

Not to be confused with two other guys nearby, Two Men Bagel House started what they claim to be Singapore’s first out and out bagel house since 2014 “located in the depths of Icon Village“. Bros Jerome Lam and Jereborne Lam (real bros or not, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re good bros)  dish out freshly baked, handmade rings of different flavours.  From caramelised onion (my favourite) to multi-grain or melted cheddar cheese , they don’t make that many for each variation (about 9 usually, check their menu for a list), so on busy days some could run out before you can even smell (if you smell…) any trace of bagel goodness!

A usual favourite of mine whenever I’m there would be their all-day breakfast selections, endearingly named with porcine names like Porky, Piglet or even Babe, with one aptly named spam because of the namesake topping. The “bagelwiches” are served piping hot to order and cut in half for easy devouring. Although you have to get ready some napkins because it WILL get messy.

Hold your piggies everyone. Other than some ham, they also have a fuller-bodied menu with pork ribs, beef briskets and more. From time to time, they also have random special edition creations whenever the bros feel inspired! Also , as long as you’re someone who sell bagels,  you MUST have ‘schmears‘, or basically spreads if you so prefer something a bit less savoury and voluminous. Like cream cheese for example!

The Verdict

You’ll need to wind around the back wing of icon village, away from the main walkway of big chain restaurants and outlets to find the corridor they’re at, but nothing too challenging if you follow your nose!

A small premium to pay (about $10-12+ for the regular bagels, and $4-6 for schmears) for freshly baked bread and made to order bagelwiches, but nothing too surprising given its CBD environment

The breakfast bagelwiches could get a tad oily (expected), but otherwise I’ve got nothing on them!

They ain’t no jabronis, they’re got thick rings!

Bonus: Watch a video made by some NYP mass communications students!

More Information

Two Men Bagel House
16 Enggor Street
Icon Village
Singapore 079717
Tel: +655094125
Email (orders in advance/catering): hello2men@gmail.com
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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